The Journey

pf119-efda73a6-9d09-47fd-b2b1-b69632984939-v23It is the journey into silence that leads to a stillness that can inform our actions and our lives with peace and with abundance.  Just as there are many roads to the Divine, there are many routes inward: prayer, meditation, nature, solitude, contemplation, workshops, sacred writings, dance, ceremony, poetry, music, chanting, gardening, the practice of religion.  A wealth of information about the use of any of these tools for spiritual development is readily available.  The method is not nearly as important as the commitment and the practice.  It is the repeated journey into silence that brings the rewards of stillness.

Returning often, we learn that each journey is different; each reveals something new.  Each time there comes forth some discovery that informs the body and informs the mind about the platform upon which we have built our lives.  Therein is grace.  There is our identity that surpasses all identities.  There are we reinforced and reinspired with knowledge of why we have taken form at this time upon our planet.  There, in the grace, in the stillness, all other considerations, identities, fears, and hopes are paused.  There, in the place of stillness, our soul is completed in its aim of reincorporating into this body the exquisite expression of stillness.  In that place comes the knowledge that more communication occurs in the spaces between words than in the words themselves.  There we connect with the infinite intelligence in which all answers are found and there we come to know the fullness of our birthright.  In this very moment, reading this, you have entered in.  Welcome.
Take off your coat and stay a while.

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