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There are threads that run through one’s life, consistent themes revealing core passions, traits, and tendencies. For instance, I recall saying in junior high, in reply to a teacher’s question, that I considered myself an artist. There were no art programs in my small school, and no television in our community and I suppose my ideas about art and the world came primarily from the school library. I would certainly say that the view of the artist informs most of my methods and endeavors.

For many years I had a private art studio, working as a visual artist, selling countless private commissions, winning awards and having many shows at museums and galleries in Alaska and Seattle, I created numerous mixed media and performance installations in public places as well, and, for nearly seven years, I owned an art gallery.

In addition, I operated a production glass studio and created projects that employed the developmentally disabled, to sell their delightful artworks in local markets. I had a newspaper column, and my successful local PBS radio show featured the music of other local musicians and was widely syndicated throughout the state of Alaska. I taught classes in the art and business of creativity, as well as lecturing locally.

As a musician I recorded and performed successfully for many years as a singer and pioneered systems that opened distribution and airwaves in Alaska for other artists as well. Later on, I played a key role in the development of my daughter, Jewel’s, highly successful careers in music and publishing, as well as writing an award-winning book myself.

Looking back, I can see that the threads of art, music, writing, distribution, performance, development, marketing are strong recurrent themes that appear and reappear in different forms at all stages of my life. Sometimes I am focused on my work, sometimes on that of others, but I seem always involved in the process of creating opportunities for the development of creative excellence.

Official Bio

Lenedra Carroll is an accomplished businesswoman, visionary, singer, artist andauthor who grew up on a homestead in rural Alaska in the 1950’s. Of Ms. Carroll’s achievements, three that stand out are her successes as an author and as a successful music manager, and her work as a humanitarian. Her uniquemanagement style and business intuitions led her to enjoy great successin her 15-year career in the music industry.

In her book, The Architecture of All Abundance (New World Library), Ms. Carroll revealed both the unconventional and practical methods she employed in every aspect of her life. Many of her insights have been proven in the development and management of the career of multi-platinum recording artist, Jewel. Lenedra’s book won NAPRA’s 2002 prestigious Nautilus Award for outstanding merit in the Personal Journey/Memoir category.

Ms. Carroll’s television appearances include Oprah Winfrey, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Regis & Kathy Lee, CBS This Morning, The View, and Lifetime Applause. She has also been featured in USA Weekend, Reader’s Digest, US, and People Magazine. She continues to appear on numerous television and radio talk shows and is featured in print publications on a variety of subjects.


Ms. Carroll is a sought after public speaker, and consults with many music industry and business persons to assist in developing projects and talent. Lenedra also plays an active part as one of an expanding group of entrepreneurs who have built prosperous and principled careers and businesses as a platform for helping others promote humanitarian and spiritual values.

Also a singer and performer, Lenedra has sung for many heads of State and leaders in business. She has sung at the State of the World Forum, at the Vatican for Pope John Paul, at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway, and on many national television programs.

Her album Beyond Words has been heralded by the likes of Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, and Deepak Chopra. Created with fellow musician, the highly-regarded composer, guitarist and performer Ralf Illenberger, Beyond Words is a powerful collection of haunting beauty and strength. After hearing it, Gloria Steinem remarked, “This CD is one of my all-time favorites. It soothes and uplifts me. Lenedra’s stunning vocals come together with Ralf’s lush guitar virtuosity to create a simple and spontaneous combustion that is, indeed, beyond words, beyond genre, and beyond wonderful.”