Millions of Hearts Yearn to Make a Difference

July 24, 2014
Here are the highlights of today’s article, very short
but ever so sweet and heart-lifting:

•    You are a beautiful candle
•    You are ready, willing, and able
•    We are more than 100 million strong
Enjoy the article today, my lovely flickering light, I’m sending you much love for your days, and many blessing, and I thank you for yours.
Warm Hugs,

Millions of Hearts Yearn to Make a Difference

We matter, our voice is the unheard whisper of love the world longs for, it is the healing, it is the hope.  We are the ones we hope will take action, the ones we have waited for who have the hands and minds to create a new way.  We are ready, we are able, we are willing to be the difference that makes a difference.  We have begun, each in our own ways.  Together we are strong.

Millions of hearts yearn to make a difference.
Every one of us has the potential to be something powerful,
a beautiful candle with the capacity to
illuminate an entire world.
Global transformation begins at the
level of the individual life.
Each of us, being what we want our world to be.
The opportunity is in our daily interactions.
Each moment a choice to align to our highest values.
To be more selective in our thoughts.
To make different choices in our conversations.
To elevate our actions.
Something wonderful happens,
unfolding every moment
in graceful and powerful ways. A natural force,
with the capacity to transform.
An unstoppable force that dwells in all of us.
It is the power of the individual life.
One by one we are hearing the voice of our soul,
sharing its wisdom, inspiring us to be the more
that we can be, to become our highest possibility.
A soul on fire that can set the world ablaze.
We can be the better world we wish for:
Be the healing, be authentic, be honoring, be peace.
Just one and a half percent of the people in the
world simply being more peaceful in their own lives
create a community one hundred million strong.
One hundred million people
living what they value and dream for the world.
Something wonderful is happening.
Be the difference that makes a difference.

                By Lenedra J. Carroll



“Stillness is the spring that all rivers flow from and the ocean that all rivers flow back into. Stillness underlies all movement, informs all life. It is the vitality that creates us, surrounds us, and supports us. The source of stillness is the source of all creation. It is the essence in which we live and breathe and have our being.”

From Architecture of All Abundance



Daybreak Song

[vimeo 61324271 w=500 h=281]

Bookmark this page and return to sing this song with with countless others each morning.   Daybreak Song - Lenedra Carroll

(Words and Music by Lenedra Carroll)

I will give this breath to the rising sun
To the day that follows and the night to come
May I work with spirit knowing all are one
And I will that thy will be the will I’ve done.

May my pace be steady and my aim be true
May right action guide me in the things I do.
Maybe my mind be humble and my body strong
Fill my heart with loving, fill my lungs with song.

May I serve the people dancing hand in hand
May I serve all creatures, may I serve the land.
To my ears come whispers on the winds of change
And the witness ripples ‘cross the mountain range.

I am soil of mother, I am soul of fire
I am cell of ocean, I am breath of sky.
I will give this breath to the rising sun
To the day that follows and the night to come
And I will that thy will be the will I’ve done.

The Journey

pf119-efda73a6-9d09-47fd-b2b1-b69632984939-v23It is the journey into silence that leads to a stillness that can inform our actions and our lives with peace and with abundance.  Just as there are many roads to the Divine, there are many routes inward: prayer, meditation, nature, solitude, contemplation, workshops, sacred writings, dance, ceremony, poetry, music, chanting, gardening, the practice of religion.  A wealth of information about the use of any of these tools for spiritual development is readily available.  The method is not nearly as important as the commitment and the practice.  It is the repeated journey into silence that brings the rewards of stillness.

Returning often, we learn that each journey is different; each reveals something new.  Each time there comes forth some discovery that informs the body and informs the mind about the platform upon which we have built our lives.  Therein is grace.  There is our identity that surpasses all identities.  There are we reinforced and reinspired with knowledge of why we have taken form at this time upon our planet.  There, in the grace, in the stillness, all other considerations, identities, fears, and hopes are paused.  There, in the place of stillness, our soul is completed in its aim of reincorporating into this body the exquisite expression of stillness.  In that place comes the knowledge that more communication occurs in the spaces between words than in the words themselves.  There we connect with the infinite intelligence in which all answers are found and there we come to know the fullness of our birthright.  In this very moment, reading this, you have entered in.  Welcome.
Take off your coat and stay a while.

Voiceless One

Voiceless One

I hear you as lapping waves upon the shore
with your lap lap lulling rhythm
bringing my sodden eyelids down
pulling me, heavy with your gravity,
   down upon my knee bones
   curling my spine
and pressing my weighted head to my chest
forcing my hands inward
   to my bosom
   inward furled
until I too am lapping at the shore
growing with the fern and bud
and young green blade
singing from full golden breast
and feathered throat
Rising and falling on the surface
   then uncurling
   back curving  up
   arms arcing
   neck arching
   head lifting
my eyes have glimpsed your roaring depths
and my heart trumpets your full unending glory
Lenedra J. Carroll