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My interactive webinars offer practical techniques, engaging lectures with innovative and practical applications to move you quickly toward expertise and transformation.

Mastering Conscious Sound

LC surf singing1Five Part Audio Set  |  $166  |   Purchase

Begin to discover the world of conscious sound. Explore how to capture its magic and integrate its powerful potential into daily living. Rock your world with your own voice through this life changing series of five 90 minute recordings.

If you never thought you could sing, learn that you easily can, and must!  If you want to increase your skill in overtone chanting, you will take leaps ahead.  Learn Sound Healing and much more.  Learn more >>

Lemurian Pineal Tones™
Practice Course

LemurianChoirLogo_withTagCOLOR copyFour Part Audio Set  |  $155  |  Purchase

The Lemurian Pineal Tones™ Practice Course offers valuable information to assist you in working most effectively with the 24 Pineal Tones™ for personal health and spiritual growth.  This course provides detailed information to assist in shaping these specific tones, aids in improving your ability to create overtones and helps you feel more prepared and confident in your own use of them.  Learn more >>